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Fujifilm FinePix XP130

To start with, don’t expect this camera to be able to take better pictures than a mid to high end smart phone camera from the past year or two.

Yes, this camera can zoom but in terms of outright image quality there are many phones which will take far better quality photos in terms of clarity, colours, dynamic range, sharpness and noise.

The main feature of this camera is that it is fully water proof, shock proof, freeze proof and dust proof. I am sure you’d rather risk damaging this camera than your far more expensive smart phone.

The camera is a breeze to setup and start using, I’ve created a video for this on YouTube. I was up and running in no time. It is worth getting familiar with the menus if you wish to have a bit more control over how the camera will shoot.

Initial Setup and Menu Walk through

Note this camera does not offer full manual control and what you can control is very limited, there is no RAW shooting either.

The battery life is good and being able to charge via USB means you can connect it to a USB charge pack whilst on the move so you are never out of battery.

It comes with a wrist strap which is useful and given the price point I was happy to see it included in the box. There is no case but being this is a rugged camera it will withstand being placed into a bag but not among coins and keys as you’ll end up getting the screen and lens scratched.

I did not attempt to use this camera in low light as I noticed that the images were all either far too noisy or blurry as the shutter speed was too slow to capture movement, so not good in low light unless your subject is static and you use a tripod.

The HD video is decent quality (up to 60FPS) and allows you to zoom whilst recording, the microphone is of decent quality at this price point but avoid wind it really sounds bad and has trouble tackling it.

Video Test – 1080p 60FPS

The stabalisation does a fairly decent job of trying to keep things from shaking about too much and I was actually impressed as I managed to get some footage whilst on a boat without the footage causing motion sickness.

Overall, this camera is a good to use in circumstances where you’d rather not risk your main camera whether that be a SLR or Mirrorless.

Full size images

None of the above images have been edited, they are straight of of camera.

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